Todays courier companies, freight forwarders and transportation companies must work within a complex and rapidly changing environment. It can be challenging to keep up with regulations and maintain multiple relations with local and international service providers. Together with our partners we offer fast, cost effective and worry free end to end service. From your console, to clearance and to delivery.

ABS Xpress is specializes in handling the transportation of time sensitive express shipments, much of which utilizes our worldwide Unaccompanied Courier Baggage (UCB) network. It offers neutrality in the market and is well accepted as a Whole Sale Service Provider.

Wholesale International Consolidation under Unaccompanied Courier Baggage (UCB) or Airway Bill mode.

Key Service Features
     >   Airport to Airport service.
     >   Acceptance of courier volumes from authorized Retail Courier Companies for handling over to Carriers under UCB or AWB mode.
     >   Goods moved as tagged baggage
     >   Latest lodgment times and earliest retrieval times.

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